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Pinstripes and Garbage Bags

Pinstripes and Garbage Bags By David Ramos This morning I had an ironic encounter on my way to work as I enjoyed listening to U2’s Crumbs From Your Table. While traveling on the “A” train there was a homeless man who had had used garbage bags to apparently extend the longevity of his shoes. He…

Depths of Darkness

Depths of Darkness By David Ramos How deep can pain go? How dark can it get? I don’t want to know. How do people get caught in the riptides of depression or the crushing cycles and throes of desperation? There are a myriad of reasons that can send us descending into the depths of darkness….

It’s a Boy!

LLC congratulates, & celebrates with Gabriel & Janet Salguero on their new addition to the family. We celebrate little John Gabriel Salguero!

National Council of La Raza

Just want to give a shout out to my Native American brother in New Mexico conducting research for the National Council of La Raza. Keep up the good work, we really appreciate all your efforts, let me know how we can help. Tenemos mucho en comun en nuestro lucha para la raza. Devo

Coldplay & Pastoral Care

Coldplay & Pastoral Care By David Ramos I recently bought Coldplay’s new album, “X&Y.” Coldplay once again delivers an outstanding musical and lyrical score. Their lead song, “Square One” raises some pastoral care issues for me. The song almost has an apocalyptic quality when they sing, “From the top of the first page, to the…

God in the Shipwreck

God in the Shipwreck By David Ramos Aguadilla, Puerto Rico I don’t necessarily enjoy crowded beaches. My idea of a Caribbean getaway is partly inspired by an attempt to escape the crowd hence I hunt for sparsely populated beaches. In Puerto Rico I have my spots and with any amount of luck I have the…

Mesmerized at Club Firefly

Mesmerized at Club Firefly By David Ramos I’m in Moca, Puerto Rico, and after closing the aluminum shutters, and turning the lights out, its pitch black. Moca, among other things, is famous for bats and some random “chupa cabra” sightings. I try to settle into bed and go to sleep, I shut my eyes for…

Sade Saves the Night–Again!

Sade Saves the Night—Again! By David Ramos Behind me I can hear the indigenous orchestra of coqui’s, and the occasional neighing of a horse; I’m in “La Isla de Encanto,” my beloved Puerto Rico. I caught this insane flight from JFK—get this, leaves at 1:00am, arrives at 4:30am! The flight was rather turbulent, at one…

pics of the crew

Omar & Dave Mayra & Belinda At Luis’ installation

Latino Leadership Forum in El Diario

Dr. Marc Rivera convened a group of latino leaders at American Bible Society on May 13th, 2005.  You can catch it in El Diario (it's in Spanish).  Dave was quoted in El Diario below. El ministro David Ramos, de la Sociedad Bíblica Americana, dijo que la reunión era un evento histórico, y citó problemas que…