Kudos to the Latino Leadership Circle

By Sandra Otero


I would like to applaud the hermanos at the Latino Leadership Circle for proving that the notion of "progressive" and "non-conformist" is not just ideology.  These brothers have broken the stereotype of male dominated ministry by choosing women to be at the forefront of their "coming out" event.  The February 28th celebration of author Karen Valentin and the discussion panel spear-headed by Latin women with" something to say" proved to be a moment of re-defining the expected with the unexpected.  For a Latina raised in a male dominated culture and church community it is truly refreshing and empowering to experience such support from males in pastoral and leadership roles.  Women for too long have carried the wound of inequality and perhaps it’s these types of seemingly benign events that can serve as a catalyst for healing between the sexes.  This too is the practical application of God’s word "there is neither male nor female". May we continue to see each other through this Biblical, life-giving lens.