Monthly archives for June, 2007

Latino Leadership Circle at Acton University

By David Ramos Today I arrived at Acton University in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  There are representatives from approximately 40 nations including Italy, Norway, France, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, and the Philippines.  There are over 250 persons attending this conference. This evening President of the Acton Institute, Father Robert Sirico, opened the event with a moving presentation. …

Richard Rorty, Philosopher, Dies at 75

Richard Rorty, whose inventive work on philosophy, politics, literary theory and more made him one of the world’s most influential contemporary thinkers, died Friday in Palo Alto, Calif. He was 75.

Latino Leadership Circle to Host “Ghosts of Rwanda”

The Latino Leadership Circle is hosting a series of relevant movies that will encourage discussion and reflection. Our next movie will be "Ghosts of Rwanda." This documentary examines the social, political, and diplomatic failures that converged to enable the Rwandan genocide  more than 10 years ago. Date:          Wednesday, June 20, 2007…

Bush Accuses Opponents of Immigration Bill of Fear-Mongering

President Bush presses for immigration reform.  “I feel passionate about the issue,” he said, urging the lawmakers to go ahead “no matter how difficult it may seem for some politically.”  For more information click unto:

Ex-U.S. Presidents Honor Billy Graham at the New Billy Graham Library Launch

Ex-Presidents honor Evangelist Billy Graham.  For more information click unto: